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■Tax-free counter

Underground Tax-free counter
5F Tax-free counter


■Tax-free shopping guide

Applicant Non-permanent residents of Japan
(cannot apply on behalf of others)
Application Period Within the operating hours on the day of purchase
Requirements for Tax-free products <General Goods>
Goods like clothes, bags, watches and jewelleries
*Goods that are brought out of customs personally
<Consumer Goods>
Goods like cosmetics, perfume, food, medication and cigarettes
  General Goods Consumer goods Generalgoods
over 5,000 JPY over 5,000
and up to 500,000 JPY
over 5,000
and up to 500,000 JPY
Used in
× ×
Take out
of Japan
within 30 days within 30 days
Usage For personal usage (not for commercial use)
Documents required to apply for
tax refund
1. Receipt for the day’s purchase(s) (handwritten receipts are not accepted)
2. Passport (immigration stamp must be present and photocopied version is not accepted)
3. Credit card(s) used for purchase(s) (for those who paid via credit cards)
* The name on credit card, receipt and passport must match
4. Purchased goods
*Japanese who are not permanent residents of Japan must provide documentation for overseas residence (such as visa or driver license)
*Diplomatic officials stationed in Japan must offer the duty-free cards in their own name
Method of refund Refund through cash (yen)
Refund locations 5F or underground
Other remarks ●Expenses for meals and transportation are not included in the Tax-free scheme
●If customers were to use the goods (that has applied for tax refund) in Japan, consumption tax will be collected upon emigration
●As each country has its own quarantine protocol, some goods may not pass the customs clearance in your country, hence please check the list for your own country

簡体字[pdf 1.5MB] 繁体字[pdf 1.5MB]

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Tax-free counter on underground or 5F Information Center on 1F
*There are restrictions as to areas where Wi-Fi is available

■Credit cards,cash cards and QR code payment that can be used

■Overseas Postage (6F)

Overseas postage Operating hours 10:00 – 19:00 *Some goods and regions cannot be posted

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